He was born in 1978 and graduated Master of Art at the “Caravaggio” Institute in Brescia. From the very beginning he has collaborated with internationally renowned masters, with whom he has specialized in numerous painting techniques, such as fresco painting.

At the age of 21 he chose to dedicate himself to the interior decoration, beginning to decorate hotels and exclusive private residences with his paintings, drawing inspiration from Renaissance, Gothic, Neoclassical and modern styles.

During 20 years of activity he has worked for some of the most famous brands and personalities in the world: Fendi Home, Bentley Home, Dolce&Gabbana scenographic, SCIC cucine d’Italia, De Dorchester Collection, Roberto Cavalli, Philippe Daverio. For Inkiostro Bianco has designed the exclusive “Sang Réal” collection.

In his works of furniture and decoration emerge the talent for creating emotional environments, as well as the perfection and immortality of Italian art. His studio, an authentic creative factory, comes to life in a bucolic context among the green countryside of Brescia.