Matteo Tampone was born in Turin. In 2013 he founded MATstudio, a unique communication container that is suitable to evolve and improve the artistic and business capacity associated to the design and project field. He has been acknowledged as one of the best 15 artists at Paratissima 2015, he has been awarded at the Hit Parade exhibition at MAUTO, the automotive museum in Turin, for his masterpiece “Corpi Galleggianti”.

Works of art become wallpaper
Rockface: a face and its surface as time goes by. An experiment of material reactions and artistic expression.

“To imagine and to create new sensations to produce new emotions. I follow this philosophy as I express myself artistically and in the field of design and communication. I pursue my artistic research about the oxidation process. Reaction and transformation of surfaces, colors that change over time challenging the speed of time itself, highlighting how rapidly our world changes. Materials are an essential element for my work, it is my research. Exploring, experimenting and playing with materials is the trigger point to produce new concepts and new works.”