Polignano A Mare, 2017

Glam Bakery

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Glam Bakery




Polignano A Mare

Folded then unfolded and opened out. Oriental evocative visuals for a wall of origami displaying the most vivid colours: the “Colorful” wallpaper was carefully chosen for the decoration of Glam Bakery, the new concept store in Polignano a Mare, which aims to revisit the typical pastries and bakery products with a twist of Glamour .

The wallpaper presents the style and symbolism of ancient Japanese art, without unveiling the fragile yet complex shape from which it was liberated.
With its distinguishing wrinkled and tridimensional effect and vivid shades of colours, this design will catch your eye and tease your taste buds.

Design Arch. Gaia Sforza
Project by Emiliano interior design for shops.

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