Kenya National Library, Nairobi

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Kenya National Library, Nairobi



The customised flooring, decorated with an EQ.dekor fiber glass design, welcome the visitors of the library

Long before libraries were an elaborate idea in Africa, people were learning under the trees.  It was only after colonialism that education and information was well preserved. Children would gather around the fire in the evening and listen to stories told by their grandparents or elders of generations past, of their natural way of life, of heroes and heroines who through gallantry had helped preserving lives in communities. This was how indigenous knowledge in the different traditional sets was preserved and passed down from one generation to another. In the 45 ethnic groups that make up the Nation of Kenya, the older generation ensured that the ‘life’ of the community was conserved through this method.

The Kenya National Library was built after independence and, since its foundation, has a double task: it’s a national and public library. This last mission highlights the core value which has always been the distinctive role of the library: a place for everyone and culture accessibility for the whole population.

The new building of Kenya National Library has been designed by Aaki Consultants Architects together with some local designers. It deals with a super modern architecture whose capability can host up to 5.000 readers, requests for 500.000 people and has a key role in the Economy of the Country due to the precious contribution to the spread of literacy around the country.
The initial concept was representing the unity among all Kenyan tribes through the characterization of the interiors. In 2012 Revodesign Studios has been invited to design the interior architecture illustrating a detailed story about the Kenya people. The idea was to simply allow every Kenyan to relate and a place that might have held Kenya’s heritage and culture.

We are really honoured to take part to the project. The diffusion of culture is one of the goals we aim at through our actions, through our proposals and while spreading our mission.
The desire of the interior designers was to develop an overall composition based on emotions using details and materials as a form of communication.
We have been approached by Revodesign Studio through our distributor Hic Sunt Leones based in Nairobi. The request was very clear: a 100 sq/meter surface to be covered with a continuous customized design developed for the location.
Our EQ.dekor fiber glass was perfectly in line with the requirements of the project for its technical features (stability and resistance) and its innovative characteristics.
The inspiration shared by the architects for the design artworks reproduced a multi-coloured circular geometry on the whole surface.
Our internal creative studio developed a design based on that inspiration and the result was perfectly matching their idea: a kaleidoscope made up of multicolored beads and mosaic fragments thus granting a lively welcome to the library visitors.
The artworks highlights the contrast with the sobriety and the uniformity of the surrounding area.
The choice of the finishing and the materials enhances the presence of the decoration framed up with wooden bongos, symbol of the local music tradition of the country,  as if they were an adjacent corridoir.

It has been really stimulating for us working on this project and we are very honored” confirms Lorenzo Bragato, Inkiostro Bianco Managing Director “it is true that one of our main stregth is the capability of being committed on worldwide requests with a very fast response, high accuracy and an efficient level of attention to the needs of the different customers. Our structure flexibility along with the expertise of our creative team and the multiple range of available covering solutions, are real advantages when it comes to project designs. Our customization service is “customer-centric” and I think this is one of the most important value to become relevant on the market”

We are glad to be contributing, even if minimally, to allow people feel at ease when visiting Kenya National Library in Nairobi having access to a comfortable structure with a welcoming design.
Kenya National Library is a place for all.


Interior architecture + design: Revodesign Studios

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