Lavender Villa, a wonderful location in the heart of an earthly paradise

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Lavender Villa, a wonderful location in the heart of an earthly paradise


Naro Moru

Inkiostro Bianco wallpaper decorate a villa in the heart of Kenya

The magnificent view of Mount Kenya has inspired the design of Lavender Villa located in Burguret, Naro Moru, Kenya. The villa is available for rent on Airbnb for whomever would dream to dive in a natural paradise living a unique and immersive experience in direct contact with nature.

The intention of the owner was to allow their guest admiring the surrounding landscape from any point of the house hence the presence of floor to ceiling windows all around the villa.

A distinctive touch has been given to every room thus creating a special atmosphere. This has been possible thanks to the choice of the interior decorations, like the Italian wallpaper, the unique floor finishes in the bedrooms as well as the furnishing. Antonella, the owner of the house, is the interior designer who created the design of the beds and has selected some antique piece of furnitures in harmony with local materials like “mazera” flooring and the external cladding with quarry stones from the foot of Mt. Kenya.
The wallpaper has a key role within the villa: the Cairo graphic design in EQ.dekor fiber glass version has been chosen for the decoration of the bathroom and inside the shower and the Still graphic design creates a relaxing atmosphere behind the bed head board.

A special care has been dedicated to the landscaping by planting hundreds of Antonella’s favorite flower, the lavender, besides succulents, hortensias and palms. A natural heart shaped pond hosts a resident colony of masked weaver and regular visitors such as sacred ibis, black crake, jacana and crown crane.

We have really enjoyed carrying on this project and proud of the result” states Antonella Annone, interior designer and owner of the Lavender Villa together with her husband Ivo Galfre “It reflects our philosophy when it comes to build and decorate always focusing on few main objectives:  livable spaces, attention to details and most of all a warm and cozy ambience”

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