Ristorante Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna

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Ristorante Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna


Polignano a Mare

A culinary experience within a unique atmosphere. A project that combines design, sea and kitchen, in which Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers give a touch of elegance to the space.

Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna is located within the heart of Polignano a Mare. It is a place that brings an ancient culinary tradition back into the present by offering new experiences and welcoming and tasting itineraries that make the atmosphere of the restaurant unique.

Recently renovated, the restaurant reflects the request of the owners Elvira and Leo, which the curator of the project has been able to translate in every detail in the structure and interior design.

The aim was to recreate a place that would convey sophistication and refinement through an interior design that includes tradition and modernity, the same modernity that can be found in the chef’s dishes.

 “Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna, was a great challenge for me and I immediately accepted the challenge with great enthusiasm – says Angelica Picoco, art director and interior designer who designed the space – we started from an old car repair shop, transforming it into a unique place”.

The interiors have been studied with great attention and the undisputed protagonist is the large open space kitchen. Like a pearl in a glass box it lays its secrets bare to the eyes of passers-by and customers and it is considered a value that deserves attention and visibility.

This is combined with the owners’ desire to welcome friends and travellers as at their own home, creating a family atmosphere where the dishes are prepared with love.

The interior design reveals some distinctive details: the shades of blue recall the deep mystery of the sea of Puglia, which offers natural and excellent raw materials every day. The contrast with the sand and powdery light tones and the golden details of the round mirrors brings balance, refinement, and harmony to the environment.

The birchwood effect wallpaper by Inkiostro Bianco contributes to create a warm and romantic atmosphere combined with the delicate foliage decoration of the lineadeko collection. The lineadeko decoration was in fact originally created as a birch wood decoration, in this context a wallpaper version has been developed for structural needs. Inkiostro Bianco, a brand of wallpaper and decorative coatings, manages to make each project unique by adapting its materials and creative offer to the needs of different contexts of intervention. In this case the wall to be decorated includes a sliding door that would have been difficult to cover in birch wood due to the thickness and structure. For this reason, it was necessary to adapt the selected decoration by the interior designer on vinyl wallpaper. The creative ability of the Inkiostro Bianco brand made it possible to transpose the birch effect onto the wallpaper, giving the material and the wall itself a pleasant feeling of natural softness.

Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna is not only a place where you can taste traditional culinary dishes but also an experience to live and share, where every detail contributes to give unforgettable emotions in a place where welcoming environments awaken deep sensations to transmit and relive.


Art director Interior designer: Angelica Picoco
Project assistant: Roberta Coppi
Photographer: Gianni Buonsante
Buyer and restaurant owner: Leonardo Fontana

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