Fabric and paper amalgamate, creating contrast between materials, blending and contrasting lively and deep shades and bringing to life an unprecedented captivating atmosphere. Fabric decoration and weave find a new space for expression and environments take on a warmer and more sophisticated dimension.

The relief effect is a sensory illusion. All the graphics have been inspired by fabrics in the l’Opificio collections, and reworked graphically in collaboration with Inkiostro Bianco to be printed digitally on vinyl or EQ•dekor.


All graphic designs can be printed on both vinyl paper or EQ•dekor glass fiber, the wallpaper created in partnership with Mapei. These materials assure higher performances compared to cellulose in terms of resistance and output.


All phases of production are carried out internally: from the creation of graphics, created by a network of designers and artists, to the printing of paper using advanced digital technologies. Most of the projects can be customized on demand.