The twine of the fabric well represents the philosophy of the project: a decorative evolution, which is able to compose infinite possibilities of customisation on horizontal, vertical and multimaterial surfaces.

Georgette and Buio are refined and eclectic fabrics selected by Inkiostro Bianco for the creation of scenographic curtains and window coverings for both private and contract projects.

Creative Thinking.

The creative thinking is a continuous stimuli. A natural instinct to look beyong the surface. An impulse to modify the matter and space to create unchartered feelings which let emotions come alive.

Ideal decorative solutions for both private and contract projects.

Rituals by Studio Zero

A sophisticated and timeless collection in which architectural graphisms and primordial archaic signs intertwine and mix together in a play of abstract and almost metaphysical repetitions. The graphic motifs of the collection are combined by similarity or by contrast in a continuous blend of colors and shapes that give life to settings and atmospheres with a unique character. An out and out palette of evocative and iconographic surfaces with infinite possibilities for combination, in which simplicity and formal purity mark space and time.