A new world has opened its doors. A new material. A new product. No, it is actually much more than that. We are offering you a completely new experience.

A journey where all senses will be engaged to intuitively connect what we love and what we know. Creativity remains our beating heart, the lens that allows us to design and recreate the elements we draw from the world around us. We shape our reality to create ever new relationships and connections.

The driving force is still the same as Inkiostro Bianco, but the surface on which it runs is definitely different. No longer on the walls, we have now chosen to express ourselves on the horizontal dimension.
Want to jump on board?

CLOSE YOUR EYES… let yourself go… relax and try to imagine when you arrive home tired after a long day and you feel like stretching out, relaxing, taking off your shoes and walking barefoot… cold, hot, warm… By the way, what colour is cold? And warm?
For us, warmth is soft, silky… it’s harmony, it’s the sound of E major, of the piano, of the harp, but also of a song by… which is your favourite singer? Well, we’ll have time to share our musical tastes.
The surface on which you are walking barefoot with your eyes closed suddenly becomes perfumed… what’s with the perfume now? …you are starving and the intense scent of spicy woods makes you feel a strange sensation in your mouth… a very good taste, sweet but soft at times…

You did it! You entered the synaesthetic world of INK.RUGS.

We do not sell simple rugs but offer you a sensory experience that will be perceived through taste, sound, scent and give the product an original personality.

INK.RUGS products have the features of a modern flying carpet: they do not judge but fulfil wishes.

INK.RUGS is a brand of Inkiostro Bianco. The passion is the same: we design creative experiences to give spaces of happiness and to be ever closer to those who choose us.

Not just any ordinary rug, ours are a condensation of sounds, shapes, colours, scents and a whirlwind of imaginative sensations.

All you have to do is climbing aboard our carpets and fly together with us to discover those sounds, shapes and colourful flavours that will wrap you up with undeniable sensations.

Change your perspective: it is not our rug, it is your rug and it fulfils your wishes with a mix of creativity and imagination.