An exclusive showcase of the latest designs in the new Milan showroom

29 May 2017

During the unveiling of the new Milan showroom, Inkiostro Bianco offered a sneak preview of what is included in the brand-new graphic designs of the 2017/18 Wallcovering Collection, which will officially be launched in October.

Seven artworks from three artists were made available to Inkiostro Bianco. The graphics can be printed on vinyl wallpaper, EQ•dekor fibre glass or Tela stretched fabric.
We are talking about two legendary designers, Karen Knorr and Stefano Bonazzi and a highly promising, up and coming new player: Giulia Ronchetti.

Karen Knorr

Enriches her collection with two artworks featuring a particularly exotic and provoking style.

Stefano Bonazzi

Stefano Bonazzi’s input centers upon two original worlds where you can drift away: unchartered universes in which restless characters dwell.

Giulia Ronchetti

Giulia Ronchetti tranports us to an unexplored natural universe, characterised by a distinguishing light stroke. Animals and plants printed on canvas come to life on walls.

The latest graphic designs were used to decorate the new showroom, which has been set up in collaboration with Olivieri Brera and can be found in Largo Treves 2, Milan.