Barong or Kishin? Which mask do you identify with? And from which one you would like to free yourself? An event in cooperation with Doodesign will present an original installation in the heart of Bologna.

26 September 2018

On the occasion of Bologna Design Week, Doodesign proposes and exceptional installation signed by Inkiostro Bianco: two giant masks are portrayed on wallpaper and soundproof fabric, creating an original atmosphere in the showroom in Via del Luzzo 6C.

One, no one and one hundred thousand? Who we really are? We often have two personalities: a mask that shows a part of ourselves to the virtual society and a real self, which sometimes doesn’t coincide.
It is unfair to force ourselves into a single mask. We usually wear joy, sadness, light heartedness, pain, enthusiasm, fear, vulnerability, courage … one hundred thousand masks. Which mask you want to defy to free your soul and to finally reveal your identity? Good or evil?

Doodesign chose to represent this dichotomy through these two giant masks: Barong, a monstrous animal God symbol of good and fertility according to the mythology of the Island of Bali; Kishin, a Japanese mask of the sixteenth century representing the Evil.

During the evening it will be possible to take selfies with the two giant masks and to post them on Instagram using the hashtag #doodesignmask. From the 26th of September to the 31st of October a contest will take place to give you the chance to win the printed fabric with the picture of the Barong mask.

With Inkiostro Bianco you can free your emotions, and creativity lights up your soul with positivity so that you can express your own personality.

Don’t miss the chance to take your mask off and wear the one that truly represents you!

Doodesign and Inkiostro Bianco will be waiting for you from the 26th to the 28th of September from 6:00 pm at the showroom in Via del Luzzo 6C in Bologna.