Tropical, oriental, romantic or modern. Which floral wallpaper suits you the most?

16 January 2018

Floral wallpaper: a timeless classic which takes inspiration from the natural world and transforms your wall space into bucolic paradises. Versatility is the main distinguishing feature of this style of wallpaper: the floral pattern is suitable for any interior design, from the most eccentric to the most delicate. Abstract patterns and designs, either tropical or oriental and macro inflorescences: the 2017/2018 Floreal Wallcovering Collection offers a wide variety of interpretations for floral decoration.

Tropical mood

Sprawling leaves, palms and strong solid shades of green: this is what a tropical interior design just cannot be without. Inkiostro Bianco 2017/2018 Floreal Wallcovering Collection transports the jungle inside your home, or rather, on your walls. This wallpaper transforms your interior spaces into lush, luxurious forests, giving the place a vibrant and exotic mood.

The tropical style is best suited to tones such as green, light blue and sand, which also feature hints of contrasting colours such as pink or coral. To furnish your tropical space, you should use natural materials such as wood, with the preference of bamboo, woven rattan or wicker-work and tissues in raw cotton / rope.

Oriental express

Elegant, rich and refined: among the 2017/18 Wallcovering Collection the floral wallpaper inspired by the Far East really stands out. The Levante, Hotaru and Arabesque artworks are designed by using ancient Asian illustrations to give your interior spaces an evergreen charm.

These artworks perfectly suit a basic, yet coloured style, finding the right balance between walls and furniture. Wood is the suggested material for this style, but the textile elements are also fundamental to recreate the perfect oriental Look&Feel. Just add a hint of gold, by perhaps introducing precious kintsugi vases.

Modern style

Floral wallpaper has got the intrinsic capacity to be reinterpreted in thousands of different ways:  from the eccentric tropical mood to the fascinating oriental style to embracing modern sobriety. In the Floral Collection some artworks can be suited to modern environments and spaces which use a minimalist décor and less saturated colours.

The floral wallpapers are flexible for both large and smaller spaces, thanks to their essential, linear design. This modern floral wallpaper is best suited to minimal chic / designer furniture.

Romantic chic

To decorate interior spaces in a romantic way means to give your ambience a warm, cozy and familiar feel. Intimacy and tranquility can be conveyed through this floral wallpaper with a Provence twist. Watercolour-like decorations, decoupage and vintage atmosphere, the romantic floral design turns spaces into delicate abodes.

The romantic wallpaper design can match wooden furniture or coloured ceramics, that present faint and less saturated colours. To obtain a contrasting effect, you can furbish your ambience with leather and dark iron elements, giving more character, individuality and energy to your space.

Vitality, creativity and nature, the floreal wallpaper, that has evolved in different styles over the years, is a must-have in the surfaces decoration. Get inspired by the whole Wallcovering Collection 2017/18: flowers, geometries and new ideas for the wall decoring.