Artistic wallpaper and artworks on walls

22 December 2017

Sophisticated and original, the wallpapers designed by illustrators and artists elegantly decorate the rooms. An artistic wallpaper makes the room magic and dreamy, unusual and unique.

Artistic style

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
(Pablo Picasso)

Imagine a work of art, an abstracted or realistic illustration applied on a whole wall: a majestic, striking and pleasantly sensational effect, the Artistic style washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. It creates a space that stands out from the ordinary routine.

Art does not reproduce the visible, but it makes visible.
(Paul Klee)

To decorate a wall with a drawing means finding in the graphic design a dimension where what is invisible in the everyday life becomes visible: fantastic worlds, dreamlike representations, abstracted portraits. This can make the room more personal and matching with our state of mind.

There are many ways to fit the wallpaper into the design of the room. The most classic one is to keep the same color tone and style of the interiors on the walls as well. If the wallpaper features a Rococo, sumptuous and lush style, choose precious textiles such as velvet and elegant colors like blue and gold. On the contrary a fantasy illustration can be perfectly combined with a Nordic and plain style, so that the artistic creativity is strongly highlighted.

Alternatively, it is possible to go for a sharp contrast. If the saturation of the graphic design is intense and captivating, let the wallpaper set the influence on the whole room. Energetic colors like yellow and red require neutral or monochrome furnishing to focus the attention on the wall décor.

Either matching or contrasting the furnishing, the Artistic style by Inkiostro Bianco is suitable for each room and style thanks to the many artists working to the project. The cooperation with many artists gives different points of view and creative perspectives into abstract worlds and paintings.

For the Artistic style 2017/18 Inkiostro Bianco has chosen different hands to tell different stories and tales on the surfaces. Alexander Mihov, Barbara Varini, Daniela Dallavalle, Marco Lazzarato, Cosimo Andrisano, Giulia Ronchetti, Andrea Stramigioli, Nerodiseppia, Studiozero, Eesha Chordia, Karen Knorr: these are the names of emerging and appreciated artists from all over the world, who contributed to the creation of the Artistic style of the Wallcovering Collection 2017/18.