Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers bring an original touch of colour in your own house

15 May 2020

Colour is life and every colour is able to act on our emotions and allows us to enter a different story, in a completely different mood.

The use of colour within the spaces of a house is of fundamental importance and it is therefore essential to know how to combine colours with each other, to know how to choose the colours of furnishing accessories and to choose the colours and decorations of the various wall surfaces.

By exploiting the emotional effect of colours and the right combination of decorative subjects, potentially infinite results can be obtained, adapting a room to the style and mood chosen for that particular project.

In order to choose the right colour for a certain space it is important to observe the characteristics of the space itself. Light or neutral tones broaden the perception of the room, while darker tones tend to optically reduce this perception. In addition, a light-coloured ceiling can give a higher feeling to a room that is not very high, and it is important to consider the intended use of the space.
A work environment should have decorations and colours that do not distract attention and encourage concentration, such as green or purple, which according to colour therapy stimulate creativity and communication.

A room such as the kitchen, on the other hand, can be brightened up by geometric decorations with warm colours, while in a bedroom it is advisable to use strong colours such as red in moderation and to prefer more pastel and delicate tones.
A warm colour gives a feeling of warmth and makes a living environment more welcoming, while cold colours convey relaxation and calm, and when combined with floral or jungle decorations in the bathroom they immediately transport the mind on imaginary journeys towards tropical paradises.

A further point in favour of Inkiostro Bianco is the ability to customize and design custom decorations following specific color indications provided by customers. This is a particularly useful possibility to match the colours of the various furnishing elements in an optimal and precise way as much as possible.
Sometimes, daring and trying to propose more daring and lively colour variations can bring surprising and unexpected results.

Depending on the chosen style, whether minimal, oriental, industrial, shabby or ethnic, it is always possible to experiment and adapt to the millimetre the customer's requirements in terms of graphics and colour.
The creation of ad hoc graphics and the personalization of color shades is part of the creative DNA of Inkiostro Bianco and requires a good dose of study, aesthetic taste and knowledge in terms of trends and matching, but it is precisely what allows us to play and express the creative soul of the customer and the brand.