Inkiostro Bianco presents the new Cruise Collection Inediti series 01.

23 September 2019

Finally the new project presented by Inkiostro Bianco at the international tiles exhibition 2019 is unveiled.

A path that finds its ideal context within the bathroom, which becomes the place to recreate an experience of well-being and harmony of the senses through decoration and furniture.

The Cruise Collection Inediti is a journey through the most representative, surprising, emotional and refined designs that Inkiostro Bianco will decide to select among the daily productions created according to the customisation requests of the clients.

Any graphic design could be selected to be part of Inediti and this is a huge input for project planners, interior designers and retailers to share ideas and continuously feed the creative thinking of Inkiostro Bianco.

The designs that will be selected to compose this path will be organised in series with a variable number of decorations and issued with unpredictable timing. This project runs on an autonomous rail compared to the seasonal collections, that will mark more complex and intense paths.

The 01 series celebrates the beginning of this journey and introduces a “sensory” itinerary with 25 new graphic designs for wallpapers that perfectly suit the style of the brand and the bathroom concept presented at the fair.

The elegant and delicate style fo this first series of decorations is rich in details to be carefully explored, while looking for new sensations.

Floral designs mixed with geometric shapes and illustrated inspirations bring back ancient memories meeting contemporaneity. New emotions will find their voice thanks to the unprecedented harmonies of colours and shapes on the walls.

The launch of project Inediti presents some exclusive creative productions by designers who have enriched Inkiostro Bianco collections over time with their artistic contribution. A precious treasure that unveils extraordinary scenarios dense in refinement and modernity.

Inediti is an unpredictable project. We don’t know which sides it will show yet: it is a project to be discovered and to be lived.

The series of the Cruise Collection Inediti will be exclusively visible on the online catalogue available in the Downloads section.

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