Decorating the children’s room with wallpaper

19 December 2017

Decorating the children’s room makes it a made-to-measure space for the kids thus encouraging their creativity. Colors and shapes are necessary even on the surrounding surfaces. The wallpaper becomes a useful element to transform the room into a magic universe where children can play and learn. Which is the proper wallpaper to decorate the children’s room?

The first step is to understand the personal taste of the kid but it is important to carefully choose the colors as they would influence our state of mind as well as that of our kid. 

Besides personal tastes, the colors symbolism and their influence towards the environment must be considered as well. Pastel colors are the most suitable for children’s room, especially toddlers, for a sweet care of the baby.  We can venture a bit more in case of teenagers and tweens’ rooms, as their need to relax goes hand in hand with the need of identifying themselves with their space.

Learn To Fly

A design for little explorers. Learn To Fly features fantastic walls adventures on the hot-air balloon telling stories about travels with different destinations every day. A perfect idea to decorate the children’s room and encourage kids’ imaginary world.

Pastel tones create a lively and pleasant environment which perfectly match a minimal furnishing style. Just a few elements are necessary to decorate a creative children’s room: a tiny desk, many containers and giving free rein to creativity.


A design for sweet dreamers. Tender is the wallpaper which turns surfaces into a dream landscape. The children’s room becomes a happy and original space as if it were an open-air space. A perfect room for reading and exploring new horizons for the imagination.

The reading area is of the utmost importance for the personal growth of the children. To decorate the corner a small table and a cozy environment will be enough. The green color, which is prevalent in this design, gives a sense of serenity and peace. It is perfect to reassure and relax, highly recommended for bedrooms and relax areas.

Sweet Dreams

A design for the most daring kids. The characters animating the Sweet Dreams design are adventurous playmates during the play time and the sleeping hours. What about giving a special touch and personality to the room?

Building a Native American tent will be a perfect shelter for the joy of the youngest kids. Assembling a tepee is quite easy: wooden beams and fabrics will be enough with striped, checked or polka-dots patterns to be changed according to the adventures.

Hide and Seek

A design for the most romantic ones. Hide and Seek is taking us to a fairy tales world, into an enchanted forest. Design, delicate shapes and pastel colors give a sense of peace and serenity that are perfect elements to decorate the girl’s room.

To add a bit of style to the furnishing take the outdoor inside the house: a porch-swing might be a unique and distinctive piece of furniture.


A design for the grownup kids. Moon37 street style adds a brave and dynamic personality to the room. Ideal for teenagers, it can be combined with a monochromatic grey décor for a contemporary style and even with more vibrant colors for a pop soul.

The choice of using wallpapers for the children’s room is not only a decoration of the interiors of the house, but it is also a way to express one’s own personality encouraging children’s creativity and imagination. Colors designs can be customized. The Junior line of the Wallcovering Collection 2017/18 is dedicated to children’s and teenagers’ rooms.