Suggestions for wall decorations with regular geometries

21 December 2017

Each room can express a distinctive style with interior and wall decoration, for this reason wallpaper is a key element to identify the rooms. Among the wall patterns the most successful are the geometric patterns, which are the most various and versatile.

Geometries can be adapted to many styles of interior design: from modern to contemporary, but also minimal or luxury. Its versatility gives the opportunity to integrate the decoration into various kinds of settings.

Geometric decorations can create a new perception of the rooms, giving more sense of space and a three-dimensional effect. Get inspired by the new Geometric style in Wallcovering Collection 2017/18 to discover how to use wallpaper to decorate the interiors according to the rooms.


The living area usually is a wide and bright room and because of these features it perfectly suits the decoration with wallpaper.

The design of the Geometric style is not inspired to rigid shapes, but it joins together more linear elements to give a sensational dynamic effect. Starting with the monochromatic minimalism of Polygons to the shimmering optical effect of Luxury, the Geometric wallpapers represent various styles for each kind of living area.

Our suggestion to decorate the living area playing on the vertical surfaces is to find a style which will be maintained throughout the walls and the main pieces of furniture like armchairs and sofas. The ideal solution is to juxtapose textiles, furniture and wall decoration following a single main theme. Be bold and dare to choose damasked and optical decorations for a glamour living room.


As well as the living room, the bedroom is one of the widest and brightest spaces of the house. In this case the wallpaper has an additional value. If placed behind the headboard becomes an extension or a background to highlight the bed.

The contrast between the bed and the decorated wall will create a dynamic effect. The choice of applying the wallpaper on one of the bedroom walls lightens the impact, thus balancing the room without any excess.

S-Trip and Emboss are two optical models from the Geometric Wallcovering Collection 2017/18 which enhance the bedroom walls. The first one presents an energetic pattern that matches with a Nordic style, while the second one features a textile-inspired texture for a more contemporary mood.


Let’s debunk the myth: wallpaper can be applied for the decoration of bathrooms as well. The Wallcovering Collection can be printed on EQ.dekor, an innovative material made of fiberglass, which features a better resistance in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

The wallpaper becomes an alternative solution with a more elegant design compared to standard washable paint. It is perfect to enhance the bathroom walls and it can be applied on the whole surface or just on a small area in case of small rooms.

Geometries open new perspectives, turning the bathroom into an exclusive and well-finished place. Strong colors and rigid lines give a modern style to the bathroom, while light tones and discontinuous shapes confer dynamism to the room.


Working in a comfortable and bracing room can stimulate creativity. According to this perspective, the wallpaper can change the style of the office or the studio creating an elegant and design room.

It is ideal for meeting rooms, offices or waiting rooms. Each wallpaper represents a distinctive style, which can be easily adapted to many necessities.

The Geometric style is suitable for the decoration of offices and studios: shapes, lines and colors change the surfaces while keeping a linear and simple appearance. Pastel tones and designs rich in details produce a delicate and refined effect at the same time.

Non solo quadri e arredo, le decorazioni per interni possono essere sperimentate anche con la carta da parati. La linea Geometric Wallcovering Collection 2017/18 presenta oltre 20 modelli per donare un nuovo look ad ogni ambiente giocando con forme, colori e linee.