Four styles to transform the sleeping area into a dream room.

12 February 2018

Bedroom decor is the ideal solution to renovate, refresh and customize one of the most important spaces of your home. Both private and personal, the ambience of the bedroom is the cradle of your comfort and the need to feel good and at total ease in such a space is fundamental as well as its Look&Feel resembling your individual style and taste. Let’s discover some our secrets to embellish your bedroom.

Bedroom decor: why it is so important

We spend one third of our day inside our bedroom. For this reason, we must not forget to take utmost care and attention of this ambience. Comfortable, chilled out and cosy, bedroom decor can help turn your room into the most relaxing space of your entire house.

How to choose the right designs?

Bedroom decors need to communicate and transmit something about you and your personality, in order to become a story unfolding on the surfaces of each room. However, before making any decision on the style, you need to carefully study the choice of colours. Indeed, in addition to expressing our personality, colours convey feelings and sensations and can create a more or less brighter ambience.

Spaces with a predominance of light or white colours tend to appear more luminous. And if you mix that with a gaudy tone, colours will give more character to the space. Darker shades, meanwhile make the bedroom look more elegant and sophisticated as they take inspiration from the darkest hours of the night.

As noted before, bedroom decor must tell a story, transforming walls and surfaces into a new communication tool for personal styles and tastes. Thanks to wallpaper you will be able to embellish your room while giving it an impactful, scenographic effect.


Plays of lines and geometries, light colours and everlasting elegance. These are the three pillars that will make your bedroom decor timeless. Choose a traditional design for the bed frame, but with an eye-catching feature, such as a padded headboard.


Soft lines, shape simplicity and minimal hints. The contemporary bedroom revolves around the union of aesthetic design and functionality. A coloured wall displaying elegant geometries will make your contemporary style even more lively.


Vibrant colours and wild nature. Tropical bedroom artworks take inspirations from the Tropics landscapes, transporting unchartered forests directly inside your home. Very captivating indeed, themed wallpapers will turn your space into a bedroom with a jungle view.


Essential and neat geometries. A modern-styled bedroom is the essence of a functional, timeless ambience. A large and bright space, to highlight even further with a wall illustrating linear and minimal designs.

Classic, contemporary, tropical or minimal: which is the bedroom decor style you prefer the most? If you love materials inspirations or natural splendours, let yourself be enchanted by the 2017/2018 Classic Wallcovering Collection.