The new function introduces the visitors to the artists and designers who have cooperated on Inkiostro Bianco's wallpaper collections.

16 July 2020

Shared creativity is an enrichment for the mind and spirit.

Precisely for this reason Inkiostro Bianco gives great value to the collaboration with artists and designers even outside its creative team.

The collections proposed by the brand aim at exploring the beauty that surrounds us and at continuously researching new styles, moods, techniques, colors and inspirations.

The artistic cooperations are a distinctive feature of Inkiostro Bianco, a source of inestimable richness. Looking back, since the early years of the brand, collaborations with artists and design studios were born and continue successfully until today.

This year the Goldenwall wallpaper collection also opened the doors to the collaboration with new designers, just as the Sketchbook collection brought attention to the artist’s notebook, seeking the collaboration of external designers as well as within the Inkiostro Bianco’s creative team.

Each artist is a universe on his/her own that through the artworks tells his/her unique and unrepeatable story. Visiting the new artists and designers page will be a bit like visiting an art gallery, with all the works linked to the respective author and their biography.

Let yourself be intrigued and discover the eclectic personalities of our artists!