Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers match the ever-changing seasons, adding a unique touch of style to any living room or bedroom.

7 December 2018

Autumn is the season for melancholy and sombre tones.

The moment of the year when the atmosphere inside the house becomes an essential element of the every day life.

The transition between autumn and winter is the season of slowness, when you dedicate more time to yourself and meditate on the passage from the past year to the next that is yet to come.

The lights become suffused, the fireplace is lit and warms the home, a good book and a cup of tea let your mind wander and rest from the hassle of the working days. All these elements create the perfect setting to make the wall decoration the true protagonist of the room.

The wallpaper can be a determining choice to add a stronger personality to the rooms and it is essential to set the style and the mood to communicate to the people who live in that room.

Soft tones with pastel colours can make a room more cozy and welcoming, while delicate lines with stronger tones confer a fairy-tale charm to the bedroom.

In this context the decoration may acquire different shades as usual. It is possible to choose winter-themed motifs, following the changing season, or it is possible to change the design according to a more modern inspiration, thus conferring a contemporary style to the room.

Get inspired by our creative thinking to find innovative and emotional solutions for your rooms.


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