The opening of Inkiostro Bianco and Olivieri showroom in Largo Treves 2, Milan.

29 March 2017

On the occasion of Fuorisalone 2017, from April the 4th to the 9th, Inkiostro Bianco opens its new showroom in Largo Treves 2, in the heart of the fashion and design district.

Partners in the event: Bergomi Interiors, Robbe&Berking, Contardi Lighting and Meme Design.
Inkiostro Bianco appointed architect and designer Emanuele Missaglia the project of the new exhibition area. Architect Missaglia has gained a worldwide experience in the design of retail and residential areas.

The event: Shaping illusions

We are used to perceive the world through our senses. We give a shape to the things around us based on our sensations. What happens when our perceptions confuse us? When we perceive something differently as it really is?

The concept of the new Inkiostro Bianco store aims at enhancing optical illusion as an innovative expression of interior design. A play of different dimensions, materials, perspectives, lights, colors, and contrasts made possible by the decoration. This represents the main element of style definition chosen by Inkiostro Bianco as its own philosophy.

The illusion of Nature

Nature is one of the main themes and it covers the external dehor as well as the basement with its various shapes and colors. In the external installation, leaves, trees and the green color become the center of interest of the square in front of the showroom. Simple volumes with a striking aesthetic impact: full and empty spaces alternate and overlap to give rhythm and dynamism to the architectural structure.

The illusion of nature confronts itself and contrasts with a vintage car (a Mini of the year 1964), that has been reinterpreted from a contemporary point of view by Robbe&Berking and transformed into a bar. The illusion also changes the function of a symbolic auto, that thanks to the participation of Bergomi Interiors, becomes a convivial and meeting place. It is a return to past memories, used as a starting point to narrate the future.

The illusion of dimension

The ground floor is a transitional area, a filter between the outside and the basement, almost a monolith of pure and geometric volumes with a striking perspective impact. Essential in its shapes and meticulous in its lines, this work is focused on the study of perspective and on the complete integration among walls, floor and ceiling, using printed vinyl wallpaper and back-lit stretched fabric.

In this case the illusion arouses from the perception of a bigger space, all you need to do is to get involved into the perspective created by lines and lights.

The illusion of space

Nature prevails over the walls of the basement freeing animals, shapes, colors and suggestions.
The recurring theme of the whole project is fulfilled in the bathroom: a circular space, planned as an authentic oasis plunged into the greenery with parrots and tropical plant. At the center of it, a bathtub to relax out of the metropolitan chaos.

I tried to combine the objects with a strong historical and aesthetic impact of Bergomi 1944 with the design furnishings in a minimal style of Meme design – this is the remark of Architect Missaglia -. The lighting products of Contardi Lighting, with their use of shapes and materials, have a key role throughout the whole store. The core of the project, that is to say the continuous play of optical illusions, has been made possibile by Inkiostro Bianco’s products. Vinyl wallpapers, glass fiber, stretched fabric and engraved parquet can confer a completely new appearance to every kind of space, plunging the observer into an illusory and enchanting reality”.