Tactile sensations are mixed with optical feelings, thus creating new emotional universes.

1 December 2018

An experience starting from the sight and then radiates to the other senses. A synaesthesia able to walk through walls and surfaces, while revealing new emotions and different sensations.

A play within textures and colour tones, combining with each other and giving birth to a sensory experience.

A journey through destinations that recalls a journey through our sensations. The fusion of styles and different ways of thinking has always been a distinctive feature of the brand and this, combined with a new chromatic perspective, can create original and unexpected suggestions.

A bathroom can be dressed up with an oriental style mixed with contemporary and trendy colours, while a living room can find a fresh touch with delicate and Provençal inspired tones.

Unusual combinations on lively and bold colour shades, balanced with soft and tenuous base tones, highlight any kind of room and confer an elegant and evocative impression to any surface.
Decorations and motifs that make the observer dream among far-away destinations of the mind and physical sensations.

Let yourself be guided by the emotions aroused by the colours and sensory combinations proposed in the new collection Wall In Love Again. A new and original path, that lights the surfaces with positive energy and restores the soul of every observer.

An emotional journey that finds new inspirations from the expressivity of colour. A path starting from light and inflecting in infinite moods and decorative possibilities. A return to the roots and a reinterpretation through new perspectives, capable of generating unexpected emotions.
It is the positive energy of falling in love again, that pervades this selection of iconic decorations signed by Inkiostro Bianco.