Beyond the boundaries of perception.

4 April 2019

The presence of Inkiostro Bianco at the S.Project pavilion reinforces the creative DNA of the Company, based on the continuous research of decorative solutions responding to the needs of the new project planning. Alessandro La Spada, specialised designer and art director of Clan Milano, signs the project of the stand for Inkiostro Bianco. The set up shows a hotel-themed location, where the rooms with a high scenic and aesthetic impact suggest inspirations for hotellerie and hospitality projects.

Imagining shapes behind a glazed glass and decoding them, interpreting the plays of light inside a glass, observing things through various transparent surfaces. These are the hints that gave birth to the new creations displayed at the kermesse in Milan. Being able of going beyond is a distinctive capacity that opens new perspectives, exploring unexpected and everchanging scenarios.

Beyond is a path that runs beyond the materials and natural shapes, deriving new interpretations and possible connections elaborated by the mind and readapted according to one’s cultural background.

Inkiostro Bianco introduces the new size 60×60 to the birch wood wallcovering collection lineadeko. The line is thus enriched by new designs developed by Inkiostro Bianco for the bathroom application combined with a series of graphic designs dedicated to the EQ.dekor fiber glass wallpaper.

In the living areas, instead, the new graphic designs create by Studio Zero for lineadeko will be proposed in combination with a colour palette, to be used as a reference to match with the furniture and the eventual wall paint.

Another surprise is the preview of the artist collection signed by Giovanni Bressana, which will be officially launched 2020. Six refined decorations make up Sang Réal: an amazing trip through theelegant and talented brush strokes of an artist who harmoniously blend classic and contemporary style, thus creating something unique.