A new graphic look for a more fluid and intuitive web experience, discovering the world of Inkiostro Bianco.

11 December 2019

Inkiostro Bianco has decided to renew its digital appearance to come closer to the needs of its users.

The principal intent leading this work has been making the user experience easier and more intuitive, exploiting the high potential of the website and considering mobile and tablet use as well.

Obviously, an eye has been kept on aesthetics. The restyling follows the latest trends in terms of web design to be always up to date.

The decision was pushing ahead on creativity, which is the distinctive featured of the brand on the market as an innovator and trend setter.

The new design has optimized the available space on the screen and highlighting the visuals that are the strengths of Inkiostro Bianco. This way the user can have the idea of a whole collection or a product at a glance during research.

First of all, the homepage has a brand-new look, where visual and pictures play a key role and the appearance is more magazine-like. With a quick overview it is now possible to have the latest collections, news and case studies of accomplished projects.

The catalogue is now central in the website, as it is the fundamental element of the users’ researches and the productivity of the brand, and it has been divided more clearly according to the material required by the customer.

The research within the product catalogue has been additionally improved by the possibility to use filters to search for collection, style, material and surface, together with the visualisation with the set up of the designs and collections available.

The newsletter box has been highlighted to be easily recognizable to let you keep updated on all the latest news.

The brand has listened to the needs of the customers and has assumed a new graphic design to make the users’ researches more pleasant and intuitive.