From October 18th until October 22nd Inkiostro Bianco will take part to the 41st edition of HOST, the International Hospitality Exhibition dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality.

11 October 2019

The brand wallpapers will be part of HOTEL REVOLUTION project, a special initiative of HOST within the FUTURBAR area promoted by COMUFFICIO National Association, organized by DA.RI srl and designed by the design and architecture Studio Massimo Mussapi, in a space of about 300 square meters dedicated to the product industry “Table, furniture and technology”.

Hotel Revolution is a manifesto of positive values where new paradigms of contemporary hospitality are experimented, like a magic box full of surprising ideas and suggestions.
The project presents a new way of exhibiting: the products of many important companies involved will be “told” individually to bring out their strengths and their possible applications. The products have been selected by Architect Mussapi, designer and architect known in the field of design for the hospitality industry.
In the designer’s vision, the Hotel Revolution manifesto, sums up the values which should guide contemporary and future hospitality:
luxury in the meaning of wealth of experiences which is to say using the own little time at best
low cost in other words just the essential at the highest quality
sharing but only as a free choice and that enriches the soul
relax mental, physical and sensorial, absence of vulgarity
comfort meant as a solution for every real need of the traveller; total accessibility and usability for any physical and cultural barrier
synergy with the territory, opportunity to convey and promoting the values of the territory within hotels and restaurant
entertainment, opening the spaces to private parties and corporate events
empathy as unconditional value for new hospitality formula: welcome! Before checking in, may we offer you a drink?
A new inclusive and empathetic hospitality for a cost-effective location created with an eye on innovation, design, technology and sustainability.

Within the space of FuturBar unprecedented and original solutions will be at your fingertips.

Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers are included in a context designed with a strong adaptability to the needs and sensations that the Hotel Revolution manifesto aims at conveying.

The EQ.dekor fiber glass decorations will be applied on surfaces where the high resistance, which is a distinctive feature of the antiseismic and waterproof support, combines aesthetics to technical functionality thus becoming a fundamental element for hospitality locations. The Goldenwall wallpaper, is the ideal wallcovering for a breath-taking hall, hotel rooms and restaurant areas. Vinyl wallpaper easily adapts to the decorative requirements of any room, thus strongly characterising the spaces with emotional graphic designs.

Come and visit us at HOST and be inspired by the proposals of Hotel Revolution to liven up your hospitality projects with new ideas.


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