Inkiostro Bianco at Fuorisalone – Milano Design Week 2019

4 April 2019

On the occasion of Milano Design Week 2019 Inkiostro Bianco takes part to the event “Living Experience”, included in the project Digital Detox Design, created by Alessio Conti in cooperation with Chendù and Sapiens Design. The project offers a suggestion to cleanse from the digital overload and to reactivate a fundamental dimension for all of us: being human.
At Via Solferino 11 a particular set-up is proposed, where it will be possible to take a break and interact with people, products and the surrounding environment.

The wallpaper by Inkiostro Bianco decorate the walls and contribute to the creation of the atmosphere inside the location. The brand joins the project thanks to the cooperation with Doodesign, interior design studio of Bologna. The themes developed in the latest wallpaper collections launched at the beginning of 2019, are deeply connected with the topic of “Living Experience”.

The chosen design, Elementa of the Goldenwall Collection 2019 in pink gold, features floral elements and iridescent effects made even more precious by the gleam of pink gold.
The design perfectly suits within the theme promoted by the event: trying to disconnect from devices in order to reconnect with the dimension of existence, relying on our sensory perceptions.

Design and the Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers become the tool to create connections among people and to generate a net wider than the others: the human contact.