From the project with Istituto Marangoni a collaboration with the young designer Katsiaryna Piliutsik is created.

12 January 2018

From the project with Istituto Marangoni a collaboration with the young designer Katsiaryna Piliutsik is created. This opportunity opens up new fascinating reinterpretations of wall decor.

Istituto Marangoni has always prided itself on creating a direct link between the academic and professional worlds. Indeed, the school equips their students with the right tools needed to be able to collaborate with stimulating environments in the world of art, fashion and design.

In this stimulating context the Inkiostro Bianco project was founded: a seminar inside the Visual Design Course for the 2017 academic year.

During the Inkiostro Bianco lecture, we illustrated the various sectors in which we operate, our different product ranges, as well as their corresponding production processes. The discussion revolved around vinyl wallpaper, EQ Dekor fibre glass, the collaboration with Listone Giordano for the decorated parquet collection. One of the main themes centered upon project customisation and individualisation, one of the distinguishing features of Inkiostro Bianco, which characterises our creative thinking and best contributes to expanding the company product offering.

The class wanted to examine in depth a few topics: from creativity, how collections are thought up, to the production techniques and the practical product development.

The second part of the seminar saw individual tasks that challenged each student to propose original and practical solutions for the theme “Designing atmosphere and functions”.

Inkiostro Bianco was more than happy to welcome the students works and ideas with great interest. In particular, the variety of the students point of views enriched the collaboration offering new interpretations for possible products: from the concept of fibre glass lamps, to the wallpaper wind screen and technology applied to the concept of interior decorations. Thermo-sensitive wallpapers that change colour and artwork depending on the external temperature, or featuring robust pockets to hold plant pots.

Among all the projects, one in particular captured the attention of Inkiostro Bianco due to the graphics and artistic concept. Katsiaryna Piliutsik is a young designer from Bielorussia.  

Her proposal is inspired by natural elements from both the animal and vegetable universes. The artwork centers upon butterfly wings, trees rich with foliage, feathers of exotic animals and highlights of macro details that create eye-catching patterns and textures.

Nature is illustrated and rendered as balance and relax by using captivating warm designs that instill a feeling of peacefulness and tranquility.
Specifically, the feather design struck Inkiostro Bianco: soft and delicate with a 3D effect conveying a real dimension, they invited viewers to touch and experiment its depth sensitivity and softness.

Katsiaryna’s graphics were selected by Inkiostro Bianco, that indeed kept its promise which was made at the beginning of the seminar: one of the projects, if feasible, would be selected, for a possible collaboration to be defined depending on the project potential.

All three colour variants of Katsiaryna’s artworks are now featured in the new Wallcovering Collection 2017/18 by Inkiostro Bianco which was launched in December 2017.

This collaboration is a clear example of how academia, culture and design combined can create highly valuable projects which, together with the company know-how and experience, can help diversify the product range, while giving it a feeling of novelty and freshness.