Inkiostro Bianco has a new story to tell, a new emotional path winding through the numerous variations of the expressive power of colour.

30 October 2018

Colour is the protagonist of this story as guiding element, that leads our eyes through the spaces of our everyday life.

Colour comes from light and it depends on how the eye of the observer perceives the frequencies of natural light.

Light is the element that gives life to colour and provides the perspective through which it is possible to observe and live the rooms. According to the light that you chose for the room, the colour changes and is perceived in a different way. This creates a metamorphosis in the rooms and in the mood.

Each room can find new lifeblood with the newly released colours by Inkiostro Bianco, both for a lively living room and for a sober and elegant bathroom.

Floral motives create fascinations with their sinuous shapes and fresh traits and can be selected to lead the observer towards soothing and relaxing sensations.

Geometric decorations instead create new perspectives and reminiscences of unexplored places by cheating the eye and encompassing between cold and warm nuances.

Each colour palette can communicate a different message and colour thus becomes one of the most powerful and immediate ways of expression at our disposal. A decoration with a dark tone confers a more soft and linear tone to the room, while a lively shade gives a colour blast to the room, thus transferring unexpected emotions.