Changing the perspective is the right way to discover new horizons and unexpected places.

7 November 2018


Finding new inspirations in old existing roots is part of the natural process. Every spring Nature renovates itself after wintertime.


Many of the fundamental inspirations of Inkiostro Bianco collections come from Nature and its shapes. Colour is the key element that composes a new universe of unprecedented tones thus recreating a deep bond with the Earth and the environment surrounding us.

Some of the original and beloved graphic designs of the Inkiostro Bianco collections dress up with new colour tones to reproduce primordial sensations. Colours and shapes are the paths to follow to embrace this new perspective. These elements recall latent memories to the mind of the observer, thus awaking different emotions and sensations in each person.

Everyone perceives this process in a unique way, different from any other. All of us enshrine their own memories.

Particularly interesting in this context is the combination of the wooden product signed by Inkiostro Bianco: the laser engraved parquet Undici and the birchwood printed panels Lineadeko. Wood has a natural warmth and texture that combine with the inspirations and sensations that these designs remind.
The match between different materials gives strength to both: a wooden floor makes the room more cozy and can be combined with warm tones designs, while the delicate tones of the birch wallcovering and cold shades of the wallpaper can be mixed to obtain a minimal and nordic style for a bathroom.