Materials inspiration and natural suggestion. Check out the ways to create new suggestions proposed by the Classic Wallcovering Collection.

23 January 2018

The wallpaper becomes a new way to conceive the rooms and the depth of the surfaces, while the room completely changes its look. Be inspired by the Classic Wallcovering Collection 2017/18: natural suggestion, material inspiration, decorative patterns as a new way to understand wall décor.

Material inspiration

The surfaces take new identities by changing the perception of the spaces and transforming the walls into refined material narrations. The decorative wallpaper is deeply inspired by materials like marble, concrete and antique pottery.

Elegant, classy and powerful: the material effect embraces the modern and contemporary aesthetic by bringing it to a unique design. Shiny, veiled, aged or with additional decorative details, the material-inspired wallpapers customize the rooms with material fascination. Material and shape blend together with an effective visual impact.

Natural fascinations

Nature has always been a source of inspiration. The marble effect, for instance, comes from the idea of bringing a natural element in the domestic environment. The Classic Wallcovering Collection 2017/18 features many natural suggestions.

Wild is a decorative wallpaper with three strong subjects: tiger, gorilla or owl. The three guiding animals dominate the room and thanks to their elegant natural power become new elements of expression.

Wings as well, is inspired by the natural world and by the delicacy of feathers. Nature becomes a relaxing element and a captivating warmth invites you to touch the surface to experience its softness.

Decorative patterns

Colour, shape and pattern for a decorative and ornamental wallpaper. The walls obtain new shapes and abstracted motives, thus giving a dynamic effect to the surface.
Surreal and imaginary decorations are suitable for small rooms such as the bathroom floor or the inside of the shower.

Geometries and irregular shapes create dynamic and glowing motives and reviving the room. An imaginary world to decorate the surfaces.

Material surfaces with a strong character and dynamic designs. The Classic Wallcovering Collection 2017/18 confers new identities to the surfaces.