Inkiostro Bianco introduces the new textile collection at Fuorisalone 2018, creating a complete look for the interiors.

12 April 2018

After the introduction of Tela®, the taffeta fabric for scenic wall design, the variety of decorative options becomes even wider, completing the range of textile products with two new materials: the decorated Georgette for scenic curtains and Buio, the blackout fabric, which, combined with Tela®, creates a total look for every kind of room.

On the occasion of Salone del Mobile 2018, Inkiostro Bianco presents a new decoration concept with the Textile Project 2018. It consists in two Capsule Collections made up by 14 new total graphic designs created within the long-running cooperation with Nerodiseppia and Studio Zero design studios.

The decoration as a mean of personal expression moves from the walls to the windows, connecting the interiors with the exterior. Thus, telling ever changing and different stories that are yet to be unveiled. 
Thin and transparent, classy and refined, the printed Georgette curtain will transform the atmosphere infusing a unique and changeable aesthetic taste at the same time. The concept of stylistic inconstancy already introduced with the taffeta fabric, is now strengthened by the printed Georgette curtain, giving the opportunity to easily change the outfit of a room. The lightness of the Georgette curtain expresses its full potential in the designs of the Textile Project 2018: floral design, geometric lines that enhance its elegant and refined features.

The Textile Project 2018 confirms the ability of Inkiostro Bianco of widening the horizon of the decoration field, giving the opportunity to create a complete decorative project developed on horizontal, vertical and multi-material surfaces.