Refractions of original shapes give a blast of dynamism and energy to any room.

20 November 2018

Creative inspiration is expressed in its highest form.

Plays of fluorescent light and psychedelic colours alternate on the walls creating unexpected movements.

An ocean of optical shapes deceives the eye and wind on the surfaces. Lines become fragmented, they crack and intersect while splitting, or they create hypnotic effects with textures and patterns.

Once again, the power of colour and shape finds the way to unleash the energy of these elements.

The kaleidoscope of Inkiostro Bianco designs becomes wider and wider and open new and alterable scenarios.  Every person, with their own distinctiveness can identify their own mood within these infinite refractions.

The emotional canvases, that have always featured the creative repertoire of the brand, become even brighter and combine vivid colour tones with unusual. Colour is the key of this pyrotechnic show and the main character of the new path to follow.

A colour injection, which aims at creating a surprise effect in the observer. A striking and dynamic tone for a lively and light living room, expressing energy and elegance at the same time.

It is also possible to give new impulse to the bathroom with shocking and lively colours, that decorate the surfaces unveiling shimmering effects.

Live the colour and get inspired by the vibes of the new collection Wall In Love Again.



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