The brand extends its creative expertise to a new product: the rug.

18 May 2021

Are you ready to enter a new world?
WOOW…this is not an imaginary name, it deals with an exclamation which belongs to us.
Every time we are stuck for words for something which impresses us, whenever we cannot find the words for something we have seen or heard, or that we have listened to, tasted and experienced…
Isn’t it the same for you?
We have chosen this name to identify the new experience we would like you to live together with us.

For us WOOW has two OOs and they are our eyes on the world and the voice with which we express ourselves. Eyes that “listen” and a voice that “designs”.
We chose to represent our way of thinking starting from the broken lines of the logotype: a product experience but above all a sensory experience through the product.
We propose a creativity that invites interaction and amplification of the imagination through the senses.
Thought interrupts the present experience to approach even distant perceptions that contaminate each other, bringing to light an invisible world. A synesthetic experience that creates spontaneous connections.

A genuine connection with what we love to do and what we are able to do.
The driving force is still the same as that of Inkiostro Bianco, but the surface on which it will run is absolutely different... Will it be running on the walls? No, you're off the track... but it is an engine that, fuelled by the same spirit, creates connections and relationships.

WOOW RUGS it is a new way of conceiving the rug. It's not just an ordinary rug.
It has the characteristics of a flying carpet: it offers an immersive experience to be made together with him.
It is a rug that, through creativity, creates connections between the senses in a real kaleidoscope of emotions.
Our rugs are designed to stimulate well-being and good humour. Creativity is the key element of the product, a fundamental characteristic that defines its strong personality.
WOOW RUGS trains you to see with your mind.

Touch the experience

is the pay-off that sums up our proposal. It highlights the concept of experience already linked to Inkiostro Bianco wallpaper brand as a creative and product experience. The verb emphasises the tactile experience, the immediate reaction generated at the sight of the physical product: the rug and the universe of sensory perceptions that it will arouse.


is a brand of Inkiostro Bianco. The passion is the same: we design creative experiences to give spaces of happiness and to be ever closer to those who choose us.