Decoration transforms the way of living our spaces.

11 March 2017

Look at the surfaces through different eyes. Think of the decoration as a philosophy to express your style, to characterize the space with a strong personality.

A reinterpretation of interior wall coverings for all kind of surfaces for domestic, contract and corporate spaces realized with innovative digital technologies

Over 400 eclectic graphics printed on vinyl wallpaper or on EQ•Dekor, the glass fiber wall covering with decorative and protective function perfect for wet environments or high traffic areas.

High customization and just in time production design, innovation, advice, assistance, planning, creativity. Pictorial art and digital graphics converge into emotional canvases that transform surfaces into avant-garde design accessories.

Without decoration the surface is a bare space awaiting its identity.
Decoration transforms the way of living our spaces.
Decoration is the key element in creating emotions.