Designed by Nature, shaped by Listone Giordano, decorated by Inkiostro Bianco.

16 March 2017

In partnership with Listone Giordano, Inkiostro Bianco presents the first prototype of engraved parquet flooring.
Indelible carvings and grooves enter the material to extract a new spirit out of it. A new evocative power emerges from the engraved decoration: as natural as wood and as profound as a hand-sculpted work.

The raw material is provided by Listone Giordano, while the laser engraved decoration is done by Inkiostro Bianco.

Decorative lines engraved on wood. The project starts with Undici, a unique collection with a great visual impact, in which eleven textures are applied on natural oak wood. The experimentation goes on with Touché, the engraved wood customizable collection: the designer can choose the color, the engraving, the graphic design, the measure and the installation scheme, based on his creativity.
Inkiostro Bianco offers its experience during the design phase as well, sharing proposals with designers and architects. The possibilities and the graphic combinations are unlimited and the fusion between natural wood and engraved wood often creates unexpected effects.