this is not an imaginary name, it deals with an exclamation which belongs to us. Every time we are stuck for words for something which impresses us, whenever we cannot find the words for something we have seen or heard, or that we have listened to, tasted and experienced…
Isn't it the same for you?
When we pronounce it we emphasise it according to the level of satisfaction and astonishment:

For us WOOW has two OOs and they are our eyes on the world and the voice with which we express ourselves. Eyes that “listen” and a voice that “designs”.
We have chosen this name to identify the new experience we would like you to live together with us. A genuine connection with what we love to do and what we are able to do.
Creativity is our beating heart, it is the bridge through which we connect the dots we find on our way to draw and connect experiences.

Mix up your senses!

CLOSE YOUR EYES… let yourself go...relax and try to imagine when you arrive home tired after a long day and you feel like stretching out, relaxing, taking off your shoes and walking barefoot... cold, hot, warm... By the way, what colour is cold? And the warm? For us, warmth is soft, silky... it's harmony, it's the sound of E major, of the piano, of the harp, but also of a song by ...which is your favourite singer? Well, we'll have time to share our musical tastes.

The surface on which you are walking barefoot* with your eyes closed suddenly becomes perfumed...what's with the perfume now? … you are starving and the intense scent of spicy woods makes you feel a strange sensation in your mouth… a very good taste, sweet but soft at times…

WOOW! … you’ve said it! … it is soft and you cannot resist. Did you ever think you were capable of defining a taste as 'smooth'? A 'perfumed' surface? You lie down and feel yourself reaching a peace that amplifies every sensation.

You did it! You entered the world of WOOW RUGS.

We don't just sell rugs, we offer you their taste, their sound, their smell and their personality…

WOOW RUGS has the characteristics of a flying carpet: it does not judge you but fulfils your wishes and lets you decide which experience you want to take with you.

WOOW RUGS is a brand of Inkiostro Bianco. The passion is the same: we design creative experiences to give spaces of happiness and to be ever closer to those who choose us.

WOOW!!! TRugs? …yes, rugs! You got it… not just ordinary rugs!
Our rugs are a condensed of sounds, shapes, colours, scents and a whirlwind of the most diverse sensations you can imagine.

It's a rug that decides which sensations making feel you, although, to be precise, you’ll decide them, yes you, together with it!

So all you have to do is climbing aboard our carpets and fly together with us to discover those sounds, shapes and colourful flavours that will wrap you up with undeniable sensations.
Change your perspective: it is not our rug, it is your rug and it fulfils your wishes with a mix of creativity and imagination.

A beautiful rug is not enough if it does not reveal your personality. You have to let yourself be involved by the experience and live it without prejudice, loosen any brakes and let creativity run free, overwhelming you with images in a kaleidoscope of sensations and emotions.
It is a rug that looks good everywhere, we dare say: almost for every occasion.