The new wallpaper collection by Inkiostro Bianco suggests an ethereal aesthetic to decorate any room with style and balance

10 February 2022

Inkiostro Bianco’s new wallpaper collection is all about kindness.

Kindness means being able to understand the needs of those around us, and the brand, whose mission is to fulfil people’s wishes, offers its creative know-how by proposing a decoration that can improve the sense of well-being deriving from an environment decorated with kindness.

Kindness calms, improves the mood and arouses positive emotions.

The collection emphasises the theme of aesthetic gentleness, a return to sobriety understood as calm and soft traits, the slowness of the depicted moments. There are 28 new subjects available on vinyl wallpaper, EQ.dekor fibreglass and Tela. These designs caress the observers and transport them into a lighter state of mind. Lightness does not mean superficiality but a delicate gaze that touches the beauty of the surrounding world.

Aesthetic kindness is the starting point of the search for balance explored through the confrontation between light and shadow.

Two dimensions that cannot exist without each other and that chase each other balancing in a constant change. A sort of metaphor for the condition of the human soul through the different phases of life. Without experiencing both sides, it is not possible to find inner balance.

Within this framework a new decorative dimension is defined, which does not impose itself but matches with the existing furnishing elements in a given space. An ethereal language that characterizes a cozy proposal that reassures and calms, leaving room for both luminous dimensions as well as shady perspectives. The rooms that will host these decorations will be able to embrace and welcome the guests.