InkBath System

InkBath System

Inkiostro Bianco transforms the bathroom concept with a new project

Inkiostro Bianco presents its new exclusive project InkBath System, to allow you to compose and combine elements of bathroom furniture by matching them either with wall decorations on EQ·Dekor fiberglass wallpapers or with decorations applied directly to bathroom fixtures.

But first things first…



Your emotions become real.

Now you can transform your bathroom area into an oasis of relaxation and style according to your wishes.

Inkiostro Bianco’s experience in developing designer decors blends with the prestige of Ceramiche Galassia and the craftsmanship of Terzofoco to shape a new dimension of the bathroom environment.

The line of wallpapers and decals was created in collaboration with designer Luca Papini to give an additional sense of movement and vitality to the walls and sanitary ware thanks to geometries and colour combinations.

We revolutionise your bathroom.

We want to help you imagine your bathroom in a new way, giving more importance to this environment that has been undervalued for too long. We give you the power to create your ideal environment to feel comfortable and immersed in a dimension of peace and tranquillity.

We enact a complete metamorphosis of your bathroom, revealing its true potential. We also want this area of the house to have the same decorative possibilities as other rooms and to fully express the personality of the person who lives there. A place where you can feel welcome and pampered, no longer just an ordinary day-to-day life, but an oasis of well-being.

It will not be necessary to demolish what already exists to revolutionize it, because our EQ·Dekor fiber glass can be applied on top of other substrates with specific preparation. And this time we have outdone ourselves because decoration is no longer just on the walls: washbasins, sanitary ware and shower trays in several different patterns are invaded by decorations combined with wallpapers. In addition, the project is further completed with a series of bathroom cabinets with the possibility of customising the doors with the same fiber glass chosen for the walls, a line of mirrors and a selection of matching wall paints.

How to choose among all possible combinations? We’ve got you covered!

We will help you bring harmony into the design and structure it in a way that perfectly meets your aesthetic and functional needs.

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