The new covering for temporary set-ups.

The fickleness of individual taste is no luxury: to allow yourself stylistic inconstancy means having the chance to easily change the look and feel of a room. For this reason Inkiostro Bianco introduces a brand new wall covering material: fabric.

A type of Made in Italy polyester stretched fabric with very high resistance due to the exclusive weft composition of 110 threads per inch.

It is ideal for temporary set-ups within retail (boutiques, display windows, showrooms, expositions, exhibition stands) and hospitality field (hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs).

The Material

A unique and versatile covering specifically created for Inkiostro Bianco, on which any graphic design of the Inkiostro Bianco collections can be printed with innovative digital printing techniques.


Stretched fabrics are easily installed and interchangeable. Furthermore, the installation doesn’t need any structural intervention. Insulating or soundproof elements can be inserted between the surface and the wallcovering to increase the comfort and safety of the installation.

The stretched fabric is available in 3 m high cloths.

The installers team of Inkiostro Bianco is also available abroad. It is possible to ask to Inkiostro Bianco for an installation class.