The precious covering for elegant spaces.

Precious surfaces and decorations as glittering jewels:
two vinyl wallpapers enriched with a golden colour.
Ideal for adding value to exclusive and luxury spaces.

To maximize the result and to enhance the metal effect colour, Inkiostro Bianco defines the appropriate designs fitting the golden materials and offers its support for customisable designs with a dedicated quality check on the applicable colours.


  • Non-absorbent and odorless
  • Washable with water and white soap
  • Fire-proof
  • High dimensional stability during installation and drying procedure
  • Easy installation and possible removal from the surface

The material

Gold Leaf and Gold Vinyl are wallpapers enriched with a golden colour and a gold leaf. They are made up by two layers: the front layer in vinyl, which is printable, and the back layer in TNT (non-woven fabric), which confers high dimensional stability during the installation and the drying procedure. Also worth noting is the ease of installation and of the possible removal from the surface.

It is suitable for the application in interior rooms (walls, ceiling or pieces of furniture) and combines the customization of any room or space with highly aesthetic solutions to the ease of installation and removal.

Inkiostro Bianco's wallpaper responds to the European Union regulations regarding environmental health and safety. The raw material is provided in rolls by certificated suppliers, that guarantee the maximum quality of the product.

The production

Takes place entirely in our factory: from the graphic design, to the print with state of the art modern technology, that guarantees a precise resolution on large scale works as well. Every project is characterized by the opportunity of customization.


A correct installation of vinyl wallpaper is crucial for an optimal result of the project. It is necessary to prepare the surface which must be smooth, even, in plain color and dry. It is highly recommended to employ a skilled professional who will use the correct application materials by Inkiostro Bianco.

The installers team of Inkiostro Bianco is also available abroad. It is possible to ask to Inkiostro Bianco for an installation class.