Oxygen apartment at Zlota 44 in Warsaw

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Oxygen apartment at Zlota 44 in Warsaw



Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers enrich another modern apartment in the Zlota 44 skyscraper in Warsaw.

A refined, luxurious and at the same time comfortable design. The Oxygen apartment is a breath of fresh air.

The interior of the Oxygen apartment at Złota 44 in Warsaw is the work of the architects Małgorzata Muc and Joanna Scott from the Muc & Scott Interiors studio. The arrangements were made thanks to Galeria Heban. Here all the details about the Steinway & Sons Spirio piano matter, through the Acer coffee table by candles in crystal jars.

The open day zone has furniture from brands such as Visionnaire, FIAM Italia and Tonelli Design. The Denzel sofa captivates with velor, soft upholstery, a mirrored dresser and a round Central mirror with an impressive diameter of 200 cm.

It is in this apartment that we find Daniel Libeskind’s office, equipped with furniture according to his design. The original desk “Scribe” by FIAM Italia will be made entirely of transparent glass, and Lieskind’s “The Wing” mirrors will visually expand the space. The geometric form of the “Gemma” sofa (Moroso) leaves no doubt that we are in a very modern, luxurious apartment and futuristic design, on the walls and we will see sketches of the architect presenting the design of Złota 44.


Project: Małgorzata Muc & Joanna Scott from design studio Muc & Scott Interiors

Apartment equipment: Galeria Heban

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