Sharp lines. Tone-on-tone hues. Glazed coatings. 3D faceting.
 A decisive and elegant palette: an optical and dynamic play of colours and shades. The playfulness of multiple layers gives a sense of double vision, dissolving the borderlines between start and end. The colours are brought to life through workmanship that captures and reflects the light.

Technical Specs


  • Vinyl: width 68 cm
  • EQ•dekor – fiber glass: width 94 cm
  • Tela® taffetà stretched fabric: width 297 cm


Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is made up by two layers: the front layer in vinyl, which is printable, and the back layer in TNT (non-woven fabric), which confers high dimensional stability during the installation and the drying procedure. Also worth noting is the ease of installation and of the possible removal from the surface.

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EQ•dekor Fiber Glass

Decorated glass fibre glass for floorings, bathrooms and kitchens. The revolutionary covering with protective and decorative function originates from the cooperation between Inkiostro Bianco and Mapei.

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Tela® taffetà

The new covering for temporary set-ups. A type of Made in Italy polyester stretched fabric with very high resistance due to the exclusive weft composition of 110 threads per inch.

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