The new Ambiance capsule collection takes the decoration back to the origins of wallpaper with repeated decorative motifs interpreted in a contemporary key introducing new textures that complement the rooms with an all-over effect.

Geometries, textures, patterns and flowers overlap to create three-dimensional plays and optical effects typical of 1970s patterns.

The graphics of the Ambiance collection lend themselves to being interpreted as decorations that dominate the scene on the walls of the entire room, creating an immersive atmosphere, or on a single wall or in combination with other wallcoverings and furnishing, conferring personality to the room.

The Ambiance collection is designed to provide suggestions for possible combinations with the other decorative solutions offered by Inkiostro Bianco. Perfectly matching with the lineadeko decorative birchwood panels from the Groove 2022 collection.

New decors will be added to the collection over time to facilitate as many combinations as possible and ensure the highest level of customisation of projects.