Inediti is an unpredictable project.
It is an ever-changing research and creative space.

A path born to highlight the everyday wallpapers productions responding to the customisation requests collected throughout the years. A selection of the most beautiful Inkiostro Bianco print on demand productions and exclusive creations so that everyone can be inspired and travel with the mind towards unexplored worlds.

The project renews its creative inspiration. New designers take part to this experience enhancing our productions with unreleased stories. From a creative space to a research space where the unexpected beauty will amaze anyone with its originality.

The new wallpaper collection Inediti 04 - ARCADE represents the essence of the Inediti philosophy: an unpredictable project which opens up to new emotions recalling memories and games...


The new wallpaper Cruise Collection recalls memories and faces new challenges.

Inediti Series transports you into a playful dimension of fun and imagination. It will be like being thrown into the 80s but in atmospheres revisited through a modern point of view. The new collection enters an amusement arcade and pushes the imagination to explore new scenarios in which to play our own «game».

The game is an opportunity to escape from reality...

...refuge that stems from a need for light-heartedness, an invitation to escape in the world of fantasy to wander with the mind whenever the thoughts become heavy.

The atmospheres of Inediti Serie 04 will make it possible to reflect on the courage of changing, the importance of creating alternative paths: the landscape of a certain graphic design could stimulate the need to modify your habitat to follow a desire for renewed serenity.

Videogame atmospheres populated by pixels that in their infinitesimal presence play a fundamental role into a larger universe. The interweaving and connection between pixels generate exchange and enrichment, an interweaving of relationships and thoughts. This is where the message becomes strong: the desire for connection, the need for relationships that we carry within our homes as an ideal manifesto that we do not want to abandon.

The playful atmosphere helps us translating, with an amusing language, our needs, while our desires become the frame of our daily habits.

As in a videogame, proceeding along the path will allow you to explore new game levels, make new experiences and accumulate points and reserves of light-heartedness. Tenacity will lead to an increasing score until you reach the high score.

The walls will become the background of the game level, recreating a micro-universe within the environments where you become the protagonists of your daily game like the avatar of a videogame. An exuberant path through which to collect a high score of light-heartedness and positive thoughts. Are you ready to play with us?