A path which will highlight the everyday wallpapers productions responding to the customisation requests collected throughout the years. Unique designs that Inkiostro Bianco wants to unveil by selecting the best outcomes of the print on demand creativity so that everyone can be inspired and travel with the mind towards unexplored worlds evoked by each design.

Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers originate from the everyday work of creative minds, who blend the ability to satisfy the wishes of the customers with the style of the brand and with the passion for design. The result includes exclusive creations responding to the customisation requests collected and realized.
Through this new experience, we will tell you the most beautiful, representative, refined and stimulating parts of our everyday works.

Series 03

Rediscovering lost treasures
An invitation to tear the veil of Reality in any direction the human Eye is able to look at, diving deeper inside and outside ourselves.

The new selection in the 03 series takes the imagination into a dreamlike dimension that investigates mysterious depths and envelops the exploration of the unknown, the secret of something lost resurfacing from the past.
This is the leitmotif that links the fifteen new graphic designs, created for different projects but united by a common denominator: the rediscovery of elements that populate our present and past lives into separate worlds, although feeling the desire to contaminate themselves. What would happen if these worlds were to interpenetrate and what if they slowly started to merge?

Refined atmospheres of an exotic trip make you recall tropical forests through shapes, colours and animals. The design of nature in all its spontaneous artistic shapes reveal behind the leaves with original and unexpected effects.
It will be like taking a walk through an unspoilt jungle and fantastic creatures, that observe us with fierce and wild look. We feel the need to take more and more distance from the frantic city life, with solid grey concrete colours and urban landscapes. We need to regenerate and recover the contact with the natural elements.
The choice of bringing a bit of nature inside the house is a very appreciated at the moment: it is the natural mood, the jungle style that adds a touch of green on the walls and confers a relaxing style to the room. The magic of a graphic design can completely change the look of a room, the atmosphere and why not... destination!

Can you smell the tree flowers? Can you see beyond the enchanted forests or can you catch the magic of a landscape hiding unexplored beauty?

Let yourself be inspired by our creative ideas and listen to the emotions that every design will raise within you. The key of interpretation is observing every detail very close and listen to the voice inside you, whispering new sensations. Sometimes the sensations will have a powerful voice, sometimes a soft one, but the result will always be intense and unexpected.

Inediti will fulfil any wish and we will do it according to the style that characterises us, driven by our Creative Thinking, the leading light of our everyday productions.
INEDITI is unpredictability, energy, elegance, irony...
We don’t know the other sides that this project will show: we will discover it together.
Stay tuned. New series of INEDITI Cruise Collection will be visibile online and on our digital channels only.