The wallpaper becomes a work of art and decorates with beauty the houses' walls.

The new Special Edition collection Reminiscenze carries on the same path unveiling a new stage of the journey with the artist: the exploration of a non-place, an enchanted space where the encouter with the memory makes the experience persistent.

A journey within four non-places, whose transposition onto wallpapers fixes the reemerged remembrance bringing concreteness to what it was previously blurred.

Memories stem from the journey, the place where memory itself comes to life. The remembrance persistency of the remembrances leads us to a non-place, a non-journey, which settling into the deepest layer of the soul, it permeates, becoming immortal and denying its temporary and momentary effectiveness. Starting from an event that actually happened, its denial becomes immortality, no more place, no more journey but persistency.

Remembrances find their place into a non-time. Time is fleeting and remembrances are the only way to fix it and make it eternal. The erect and majestic architectures featured on the artworks represents the steadiness of time, which fixes the images into our memories. These remembrances, only if shared, can bring relationships alive again, thus becoming the setting for a lost social context populated by those who left an indelible mark in our memories.
A powerful and luxuriant nature runs through the evanescent backdrops of our memories, bringing them into the present and giving substance to what it was blurred, elusive and latent.

The new wallpapers bring into a mystic middle-world where the architectures and the landscape tell the story of a glorious past, a scenario that recalls almost supernatural presences.

Non-places belong neither to the past nor to the future. They exist in the eyes of the observers and will bring lively experiences again into them. This will be the place where you can be yourself.

Choosing a Reminiscenze wallpaper will be like owning an exclusive work of art on the walls.