A new path starting from old roots. What is already known finds lifeblood to bloom again in a new look to be even more appreciated than before. It is an emotional path, where sensations intensify and transform themselves according to the mood. Thus, generating an unprecedented synaesthesia.

Just like a love that renovates its strength throughout the seasons, the creations by Inkiostro Bianco receive a new light as well. It is possible to fall in love again and it becomes a choice: the same choice will be now confirmed again from a different perspective.

COLOUR is the protagonist of this first chapter, that highlights the creations signed by Inkiostro Bianco by giving them a new chromatic nuance.

COLOUR comes from light, the same light that animates our sensations, our emotions and our creative visions.

COLOUR resides in our lives, in our eyes, in the places of our everyday life.

It is an element, which characterizes our personality and it can deeply influence our state of mind.

COLOUR guides the observer through new and unknown horizons, waiting to be discovered. Knowing the colours enables you to enter kaleidoscopic and unexplored universes. The colour brings an explosion of creative freedom.

Creative Thinking.

A selection of iconic Inkiostro Bianco productions acquires new colour shades within the new F/W 2018 capsule collection. The colours of high fashion catwalks and seasonal trends invade the magic of this new story that we are about to tell you.

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Made in Ink

All phases of production are carried out internally: from the creation of graphics, created by a network of designers and artists, to the printing of paper using advanced digital technologies. Most of the projects can be customized on demand.