Decoration remains the dominant element onto which the Company has developed a real philosophy. From an accessory to status symbol, a transition which enhances the value of Inkiostro Bianco’s product transforming it into an eclectic element introducing different styles.

The power of decoration together with Inkiostro Bianco ability to develop a totally new look and feel for any space allows expression and freedom for any lifestyle.

Eclecticism proves itself as a choice and as the way to express any style.

Inkiostro Bianco wallpaper collection 2016/17 features a miscellaneous series of brand new designs created by artists and designers. A choice and as the way to express any style.

Every wallpaper blends influences and inspirations, every design tells a different story to be interpreted by the eyes of the observers.
All designs can adorn different surfaces (walls, floors and ceilings) and any space: bathrooms, kitchens or public areas.


The collection of artistic wallpapers gets much wider thanks to the material research by Matteo Tampone, the evocative illustrations by Giuseppe Iasparra, the ironic feminine iconography by Pasta Volante and a selection of Saturno Buttò’s new works of art, which are a distinctive signature of the Company.