Look at surfaces through different eyes.

Every space hides concealed harmonies awaiting to be unveiled. All surfaces seek their own individual identity. Wall decoration then becomes a tool for artistic expression and personal storytelling.

Wallpaper stands as an out-and-out element for expressing your own individual style and identity, as well as the evolution of interior design. Evocative visuals spread out on the walls will amplify the perception of the space while transforming the feel of living in the surroundings itself.

Creative Thinking.

Creative thinking is a continuous stimuli. A natural instinct to look beyond the surface. An impulse to modify the matter and space to create unchartered feelings which let emotions come alive. Overcome limitations.

The evolution of materials.

Inkiostro Bianco creates new dimensions through experimenting with various materials. Wall covering moves from one surface to the other across a creative path which alternates art, digital graphics and technology. All artworks can be printed on different materials, depending on the final surface where they will be hung.


New artists joined the already active cooperation thus widening the offer of the company creative portfolio. Giulia Ronchetti’s artworks get their inspiration from fairytales but moreover from the animal and natural universe. Daniela Dallavalle lets her imagination run wild through multiple creative expressions, Marco Lazzarato and his pieces of arts and the eclectic designs by Andrea Stramigioli. Nerodiseppia creations complete the artistic range with a variety of unique inspirational artworks as well as the artistic works of the young Indian artist Eesha Chordia.

Made in Ink

All phases of production are carried out internally: from the creation of graphics, created by a network of designers and artists, to the printing of paper using advanced digital technologies. Most of the projects can be customized on demand.