The Cruise Collection of Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers continues the exploration of unexpected themes.

29 July 2020

After the success of series 01 and 02 of the new creative path INEDITI, Inkiostro Bianco unveils fifteen new graphic designs that can be printed on vinyl wallpaper, EQ.dekor fiberglass and Tela stretched fabric.

Once again INEDITI gives voice to the creations commissioned to the brand for tailor made projects. A space where the ideas and desires of designers and customers are transformed into high-level design elements.

Inedti Serie 3 aims at letting nature enter the artificial world in a new and unexpected way. The intention is to create a fusion between the outer and inner world, in which we, as human beings, can also stop and look inside ourselves.

The new decorations have been created for different projects but are united by a common denominator: the rediscovery of elements from the past that emerge and blend with the present, creating a new dimension.

A new perspective through which we can look at our reality.

INEDITI is pure energy, creativity, experience and dynamism. An unimaginable creative project yet to be discovered.